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Angell Family Connections

  William Angell was born Abt 1615 in Lancastor Va., he died Bef. Nov 30 1659 in Lancastor Va. William married Unknown. William Angell and his wife had 3 children; Uriah Angell b.1637, Margaret Angell b. 1639 and Alice Angell

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  Margaret Angell (William) was born Abt 1639 in Lancastor Va., date of death unknown. She was the daughter of William Angell and Unknown, Margaret married William Garton Abt 1859 in Lancastor Va.. They had 5 children; John Garton b.1661,Esther Garton b.1671 Urla Garton b.1872, Margaret Garton b.1675 and Anthony Garton b.1879

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