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Dedication Page

This site is dedicated to my family, past,present and future.

To my ancestors who worked and sacrificed and did the best with what they had to raise their children to have a better life than their own.

To my grandparents, who all instilled in me the value and faith in God and family.

To my parents; to my father who I never got the chance to know, his love and guidence was felt by me through each step of this journey to find my roots. And to my mom, who taught me that you can overcome any obstacle or heartbreak if you believe in something enough.

To my husband, Owen and my children, Brandon, Bryan, Laura, Paige and Willie. For their support and encouragement and their love.

And to the future generations, you will find your beginnings in these pages. I hope after you read the stories of the ones who came before you it will leave you with a feeling of pride in the familes that paved the path to you and who you are.

Mary Dotson Miller

A Special Thank You

Since beginning my research I have not only discovered my ancestors, I have reconnected with many family members who over the years I had lost contact with. Having them in my life once again means the world to me and I want to take this opportunity to tell them how much they are appreciated.

A special thank you to my Aunt MAY and Uncle William for the research they did on the Poe family. It was this research that first sparked my interest in genealogy and their example has helped me in all the progress I have made to date in my own research.

A special thank you to my cousins for your encouragement and williness to reconnect and reform the close family bonds we shared in childhood.

A special thank you to my Uncle Jim for the information and family stories he shared with me.

To my friends and "new" cousins....

I have meet so many wonderful people and made several new family connections since beginning my research and I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to those who have not only helped me but who have become my friends.

A special thank you to all my friends at "My Family And Yours" for all their help, encouragement and for all the goods times and laughter we have shared.

Special thanks to Linda Seevers for all the information she has shared with me on the Beshears and related families. Working together researching these lines has been very rewarding and oh so much fun.

Special thanks to Sue Brooke for the information she has shared with me on the Wright family and for the very special gift of the Wright family photo album.

Special thanks to Paul Miller, Janice Gordon and Donnie Wright for the information they have shared with me on the Miller, Petty and Wright families.

Special thanks to Rose Swank and Renee Ealy for the information they have shared with me on the Montgomery and Ealy families.

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