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James Family Connections

(Names marked with * are my direct lineage)

Generation # 1

  Louis H. James* was born in 1832 in KY., date of death unknown. Louis married Mary A. Unknown. They had 7 children; Whitfield James b.1854, Evaline James b.1857,Thomas James b.1858, Louie Allworthy James b.1860, Davis James b.1862, Jesse James b.1864 and Edmin James b.1868.  

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Generation # 2

  Whitfield James (Louis) was born Dec 1854 in Ky, date of death unknown. He was the son of Louis Harvey James and Mary A. Unknown. Whitfield married Rose Unknown abt 1881 in Ky. They had 5 children; Charles James b.1882, Frank James b. 1885, Lillia James b.1887, Jessie James b. 1990 and Lester F. James b.1897.

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  Louie Allworthy James* (Louis) was born ABT. 1859 in Edgewood TN., he died 18 Oct 1917. He was the son of Louis H. James and Mary A. Unknown.  Louie married Minnie Ann Soloman abt. 1895. Louie and Minnie had 8 children; William James b.1895, Nellie James b.1896,  Arthur James b.1898,  Josaphine James b.1901, Walter Carl James b.1906,   Dollie James, Opal James and Ollie James.

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Generation # 3

  Walter Carl James* (Louie,William) was born Sept. 7, 1906 in Louisville Ky. He was the son of Louie Allworthy James from Tn. and Minnie Ann Soloman from Ky. He married Buelah Marie King June 19, 1926 in Corning Arkansas. They had nine children.

Walter and Buelah and their five older children lived in Butler Co., Mo. from 1927 until after 1941 when they moved to Arkansas. In 1944 their son, Author Ray, age 3 was killed in an accident involving an ice truck. The family moved back to Butler Co. Mo. after the birth of their sixth child William and Walter and Buelah lived there until their deaths. Walter worked for many different farms in this area to support his large family, doing such jobs as picking cotton and operating different kinds of farm machinery. He enjoyed fishing and attending league softball games. He was a great story teller and a master of the tall tale.
He always dressed in overalls and he smoked those sweet smelling cigars with the little white plastic tips on them. He was a quite, soft spoken man who loved his family and worked hard all his life. He had a great sense of humor and wonderful imagination.
Walter died 26 APR 1990 in Butler Co. Mo. He is very much loved and missed by his family.


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