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Arendt Family Connections
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  Jacob Arendt was born in 1725 ,he died 13 Nov 1802. He married Catherina Unknown. They had 7 children; Peter Arendt, Catherina Arendt b.1754, Mary Molly Arendt b.1758, Anna Barbara Arendt b.1763,  Juliana Arendt b. 1765, Susanna Arendt b. 1766 and John Arendt b.1768.
It is believed that Jacob came to America at the age of six on the ship Pennsylvania Merchant, arriving in Philadelphia 10 Sep 1731. In 1780 Jacob acquired 300 acreas of land in Franklin Township, Adams Co. Pa. This area later became know as Arendtsville.

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  Peter Arendt (Jacob) was born in 1756 in Arendtsville, Adams Co. Pa., he died March 31 1836. He was the son of Jacob Arendt and Catherinia Unknown. Peter married Catherine "Katie" Oyler. Catherine Oyler was born Dec 9 1764 in Manheim, York Co., Pa..They had 9 children; Jacob Arendt b. 1783, John Arendt b.1788, George Arendt b. 1790, Maria Catherinia Arendt b.1792, Christian Arendt b.1795, Christina Arendt b.1797, Barbara Arendt b.1801, Daniel Arendt and Magdalena Arendt b. 1807
Peter served in the American Revolutionary war.

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  Daniel Arendt (Peter, Jacob) was born Aug 27 1802 in Arendtsville,Adams Co., Pa., he died April 29 1864. He was the son of Peter Arendt and Catherine "Katie" Oyler. Daniel married Catherine Bear on Apr 30, 1828 at Arendtsville Luthern Church, Arendtsville, Adams Co., PA.. They had 11 children; George B. Arendt b.1830, Sophia Arendt b.1832, Lucy Ann Arendt b. 1832, Julie Ann Arendt b.1834, Susan Arendt b.1836, Peter Arendt b.1838, Salome Arendt b.1840, Daniel Arendt b.1842, Deliah Arendt b.1845, Henry Nicholas Arendt b.1846 and Mary Cahterine Arendt b. 1849

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  Peter Arendt (Daniel, Peter, Jacob) was born Feb 18 1838 in Arendtsville, Adams Co. Pa., he died June 16 1916. He was the son of Daniel Arendt and Catherine Bear. Peter married Alcestes Mchatton Jan 3 1869 in Pike Co., Mo.. They had 2 daughters; Willie Lee Arendt and Julia Delia Arendt b.1872.

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  Henry Nicholas Arendt (Daniel, Peter, Jacob) was born  Dec 12 1846 in Gettysburg,PA., he died Apr 30 1939 in Hannibal, Marion Co., Mo.. He was the son of Daniel Arendt and Catherine Bear. Henry married Melissa Denslow Davies on Aug 30 1866.Melissa Denslow Davies was born in 1845 in Pike Co., Mo., she died Aug 5 1918 in Hannibal, Marion Co., Mo.. They had 6 children;Laura Ellen Arendt b.1867, Peter J. Arendt b.1869, Henry Thead Arendt b.1871, Charley A. Arendt b.1873, Johnny M. Arendt b.1875 and Rosa Viola Arendt b.1879

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  Julia Delia Arendt (Peter,Daniel, Peter, Jacob) was born April 25 1872, she died June 4 1950 in Pike Co., Mo., burial at Fairview Cem., Frankford, Pike Co., Mo.. She was the daughter of Peter Arendt and Alcestes McHatton. Julia was a young child when her mother died and her father married his second wife Sarah. When Julia was eight years old she was living with her father, step-mother, her sister,Willie Lee, and step-brother,Thomas Williamson, in Peno Twp., Pike County Missouri.
Julia was 19 years old when she married William Elze Beshears Nov 11 1891 in Bowling Green, Pike Co., MO.. They had 11 children;Dora Lee Beshears b.1892, Leroy Beshears b.1893, Rueben Alfred Beshears b.1895, Ruby M. Beashears b.1896 Nora Perditta Beshears b.1897, Mattie Beshears b.1902, Robert Arendt Beshears b.1904,  Martha (Molly) Beshears b.1906, Raymond C. Beshears b.1908, Rexie Coulter Beshears b.1910 and Maggie D. Beshears b.1915.

According to a grandson, Julia was very religious and a strict disciplinarian. She had dark hair and was short and stocky in build. Her manner of dress was simple and mid calf and she wore an apron over it. She looked very much like a farmer's wife.
Julia and William lived in several different locations, both in Missouri and Illinois during their 47 year marrige. In 1900 they lived in Peno Twp. Pike County, Missouri., which is in the northern part of Pike county, bounded on the north by the Salt River, on the east by the Salt River and Buffalo township, on the south by Cuivre River and Spencer townships, and on the west by Spencer township and Ralls County. The principal industry of this township since its beginning has been agriculture. Cattle, hogs, soybeans, wheat, corn and other cereals were raised there, and the Short Line Railroad (also known as the St. Louis, Hannibal and Keokuk) ran entirely through the township from north to south affording shipments to larger markets.
By 1910, Julia and her family had moved to the neighboring county, and were living on a farm in Spencer Twp., Ralls Co., Mo. Ralls County is in the eastern part of the State, bounded on the north by Marion County, northeast by the Mississippi River, which separates it from Illinois, east and southeast by Pike County, south by Pike and Audrain Counties, and west by Monroe County. Spencer Township is bounded on the north by Clay Township, on the east by Saverton Township, on the south by Jasper Township, and on the west by Center Township. The main town was New London.
In 1919, the family was living on a farm owned by the Bradley Institute in Hull, Pike Co. IL. Just a few years later, in 1924, they had moved back to Missouri., and were living in Saverton Twp., Ralls Co., Mo. Saverton Township is the northeastern township of the county, being bounded on the north by Marion County; east by the Mississippi River; south by Spencer Township, and Pike County, and on the west by Clay Township. It was here that two of Julia's children, Rexie and Maggie, had their picture from school placed in the newspaper.
During the 1920's Julia worked at the Mark Twian Cave, which is located 1 mile south of Hannibal, Marion Co., Mo. on hwy 79. The cave was made famous by it's discription in the bestseller, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, by Samuel Langhorne Clement (aka Mark Twain) Two of Julia's sons, Raymond and Rexie also worked at the cave as guides. Several of her grandchildren often played in this cave. In 1930 Julia, William and 3 of their children, Robert, Rexie and thier youngest daughter, Maggie, lived in Hannibal.
By 1934, Julia and William had once again moved back to Peno Twp., Pike Co. Mo.. They were living in Frankford, Mo. where Julia attended the Frankford Baptist church, where she was a member for 50 years. Julia's husband, William, died On March 9, 1938. Julia remained in Frankford until about 1947 when due to ailing health from a stroke, she moved in with her daughter Mattie Beshears Epperson in New London, Ralls Co. Mo. She died at Mattie's home on June 4, 1950 from heart disease as a result of the stroke. She was buried next to her husband at the Fairview Cemetery, Frankford, Pike Co., Mo.

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